Snowmobile Adventure Trips

Join us for one of our annual Snowmobile Adventure Trips! We plan and guide the trip so that you can relax and enjoy the ride.

2019 Schedule

2019 Snow Adv Trips

January 10-13: Hoagland Blizzard Blazers Club Trip

  • Join the Hoagland Blizzard Blazers for a weekend of excitement enjoying the best hidden trails on the western side of Michigan. We will be staying at D-Loop Outfitters. This trip is designed for all ages and all styles of riding.

January 24-27: ISA & MSA Ride-In

  • The ISA & MSA are collaborating together for the 2nd annual I.S.A-M.S.A Ride-In for a weekend of fun with trail riding, games and reminiscing with old & new friends who also love the sport. The party has been moved back up to the UP of Michigan at Kewadin Casinos, Sault Ste Marie. Contact MSA to reserve your room and sign up for the FUN!

January 27 - February 1: Boondocking in Wawa, Ontario CA

  • Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to ride your sled in some of the best backcountry in the Great Lakes basin. We will be traveling to Wawa, Ontario for 5 days of fun!

February 1-3: International 500 Snowmobile Race

  • We bet the I-500 snowmobile race is on your bucket list! What do you call the pulse-pounding excitement of 38 powerful snowmobiles ripping down a frozen ice track at over 100 miles per hour? We call it a FUN TIME!

February 23 - March 2: Minnesota

  • We'll pack and go for another fun filled 5 days of riding in Northern Minnesota and Western Ontario. These trails are a gem! PERMIT IS REQUIRED - NEED 4 WEEKS TO OBTAIN. Contact us for info on how to get your permit.

March 9-16: Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec

  • Our final trip of the season will be backpacking across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Details are pending at this time. Date of trip could change due to weather and snow conditions.

For more information or to reserve your spot on one of our trips, please call us at 260-749-8909 today!